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DDA Auctions have been taking place in the DDA headquarters at Vikas Sadan in order to carry out disbursement of DDA Plots for residential, commercial purposes, Industrial and Institutional purposes. DDA has always aimed in Fair housing and fair distribution of its resources like the DDA Plots or DDA Flats and in order to attain the goal DDA has resorted to DDA Auctions.It is very important that before one thinks of DDA Plots or DDA land, information regarding its working and the way of disbursing the plots should be gathered. This is so because DDA-Delhi Development Authority undertakes DDA Auctions where bidding is encouraged to carry out the proceedings. In simple terms, an Auction is a method of bidding in which the person or the party that bids the highest gets the deal or the commodity. As far as the disbursement of DDA Flats is concerned, the method of DDA Auctions is not used, as the residents are already registered.

However, in case of DDA Plots, DDA follows Auctioning and Bidding. In case of Residential DDA Plots, Public Auction takes place that is the most transparent form of bidding as it is open to all and no restriction is placed in disclosing the bidders' identity. In case of DDA Plots meant for Commercial and Institutional purposes, DDA follows Open Auctions' Systems in which bidding for Plots takes place in the most traditional form as bidders orally and openly carry out the bidding for DDA Plots.

DDA Auctions have witnessed remarkable biddings as very recently, some leading housing Companies like the Parsvanath Builders who participated in an Open Bidding to bag a Plot in a strategic location in Dwarka to develop the property into swanky Multiplexes and Shopping Malls.Most of the DDA Auctions have been responsible to create vibrancy in the Real Estate Market as such biddings have made DDA-Delhi Development Authority earn a whooping sum of amount

If Real Estate News is to be analyzed, it is anticipated that the method of DDA Auctions will be extended to DDA Flats in Delhi as well. However, this proposal has been criticized because DDA Auctions in case of DDA HIG, DDA MIG Flats will cause extreme price hike thus rendering these DDA Flats out of reach for Middle Class in Delhi.

Nevertheless, DDA Auctions have been instrumental in carrying out the property management and development in Delhi. In order to know more, Indiahousing.com recommends the following link that can provide us with the latest updates regarding Delhi Development Authority and DDA Auctions.


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