Bangalore, which is known as the Garden City, attracts different types of travelers with varied accommodation requirements. There are corporate travelers who come to Bangalore quite often for official visits. Then there are also some other travelers who come with their respective families to relocate. Now the thing is that these travelers mostly check into expensive hotels because they want to have the luxury that is not available in modest hotels. However in recent times service apartments in Bangalore have become quite popular with travelers because they get all the facilities that they seek at a cost effective rate.

The cost that you have to incur in hotels can turn out to be quite restrictive because you may have to curb your desire to spend on other things. Most people feel bad about it since they had planned to spend on certain things. With the introduction of service apartments in Bangalore you can now afford to be a little spendthrift. These apartments offer you all the convenience and comfort of an expensive hotel and that too at half cost. In fact you can make savings of up to 50% if you stay in these apartments. You will be surprised to know that in the last two years there has been no increase in the rates of service apartments. On the other hand there has been an increase of up to 40% in hotel rates. So from this aspect you would be a gainer if you stay in these apartments.

The Abode: Abode Service Apartments is Bangalore’s one of the leading owner and operator of Service Apartments in Bangalore. If you are on a holiday trip or on some official purpose, the apartments they offer are fully equipped to meet all your demands. They aim at providing comfortable accommodation at an affordable rate. Every bedroom in the service apartment has attached bathrooms and is fully air- conditioned. Bedrooms are furnished with Comfortable beds, Cupboards, a 20″ Color T.V, a Writing table, Soft lights and Heavy Curtains. Customer satisfaction is their aim.

Silver Dot Facilities Pvt Ltd: They offer luxurious Service Apartments in Bangalore at an unbelievable rate. They provide all services for a comfortable living. They provide executive service apartments as well as furnished apartments.

Apart from meeting your budget requirement such apartments provides you all the comfort that you can expect from a good hotel. The rooms are spacious and you get all the luxurious facilities which you aspire for. Moreover you also get very good hospitality. From the location point of view, these apartments are located in the heart of city. So what more can you ask for?

These are also a good option for tourists who come here to explore the city. Bangalore is also a much sought after tourist destination and therefore a lot of tourists come here throughout the year. Convenience and safety are the two factors that tourists usually look for while seeking accommodation facilities and in this aspect these apartments fit the bill perfectly. So next time you visit Bangalore, give these apartments a try and you will surely get a pleasant experience. Whether it is for short stays or extended stays, these apartments are great for both. Give it a try!