Chinese Feng Shui

When talking about wealth, longevity, health, prosperity, success, luck, love, career it is difficult to find an individual who is satisfied and possess all these attributes. The negative energy always prevails everywhere due to which the positive chi is not able to work thereby resulting in sorrow, depression, ill health, bad luck and broken relationships.

If you are also one of those individuals who work hard but cannot get the desired results then Chinese Feng Shui can provide you with a healing touch. This Chinese interior d├ęcor is preferred all over the world as it saves you a lot of money in comparison to Vaastu wherein you need to make alterations with your building structure. The first and the foremost thing which plays an important role in Feng Shui is cleanliness.

  • A clean house is considered to be a Lucky house and hence do keep your house absolutely clean all the time so that the negative energies cannot find any way to enter your home or workplace.

  • It would be better to clear out everything that is broken or cannot be fixed and is absolutely useless for you.

  • It is essential to allow the natural lights to enter the house so that the negativity can go away.

  • Sharp angles are carriers of negative energies and hence avoid keeping any such products which have sharp edges.

  • Check the drains of your house as bad energies get attracted when the drains are blocked.

  • Do not use more than three colors to paint your exterior.

  • Bathroom doors adjacent to bedroom should be closed tightly at night to keep away the bad energies from entering your bedroom.

  • In order to attract wealth in to your home it is important to keep the front door well swept, varnished and painted.

  • In order to create balance and vibrant energy in your home it is vital to introduce the Feng Shui elements in your house at the right direction.

  • Do ensure that you do not keep mirrors in your bedroom as it brings the energy of war and discourse between partners. Mirrors are also known to weaken the energy when you sleep if they reflect in your bed. However by simply covering or removing the mirror you can easily deal with the situation. Mirrors are beneficial Feng Shui products if they are placed in the right location and direction. It is good to keep them in areas with wood or water elements or in east, southeast or north areas of your home.