Feng Shui for Marriage

The institution of marriage is really auspicious and absolutely a special moment in everyone’s life. However if you are not able to find a suitable match for yourself or are experiencing problems with your married life then Feng Shui for marriage can help in developing a happy and harmonious relationship. The dragon and the phoenix pair can be placed in home as a good remedy as the energy of the dragon is considered powerful enough which reflects the male tendency.

Indisputable authority and fearsome majesty are masculine qualities and the dragon is the Yang part of the Yin Yang energy. However the phoenix symbolizes beauty, inspiration and genuine grace. Apart from this symbol it is also important to choose an auspicious time for the marriage in order to improve your luck. It would be better if you get a lot of photos on this day and hang them in your house thereby creating a good atmosphere around the home. A big wedding car is considered to bring wealth in future but if you have a budget marriage then consider for the options which make you feel happy.

Even big and beautiful wedding flowers symbolize good luck and make great gifts for guests. Do keep in mind that you dispose of the flowers when they begin to wilt. Wedding day can be stressful and therefore avoid entering into any arguments as it can easily spoil your day. Whether you are single and looking for love or have lost interest in your married partner this Chinese interior décor can easily provide you with ready and cost effective solution. You would no longer require renovating your house or interiors as this décor attracts positive energy from different directions and make them work for you. The goal of Feng Shui is to achieve balance in all aspects of life and hence by following the Feng Shui tips for marriage you can lead a happy married life.

Feng Shui can really help you in finding the real love of your life. Feng Shui cures and products increase passion in your relationship and develop a better understanding.

  • Love birds, mandarin ducks or a pair of geese symbolize love and hence should be placed in the right direction to attract the positive energies.

  • Keep all the mirrors away from the bedroom and avoid water symbols in the room to enhance your love life.

  • Avoid decorating your bedroom with potted and artificial flowers.

  • A good Feng Shui expert can definitely help solve all your worries and problems in marriage with great ease.