Feng Shui for Study Room

Study room is an important place of your house as it is generally used for studying and gaining wisdom and knowledge. This room is generally peaceful and helps in developing a better concentration so that your children can perform well. It is necessary for this room to be filled with positive energy in order to help your children deliver their best.

If you find your child losing interest in studies or scoring bad marks then probably it’s not the problem with the efforts made but with the interiors of your study room. Feng Shui for study room would attract the positive chi and bring drastic improvements in your child’s studies. In order to retain the good energy it is necessary to keep the study room clutter free and arranged in a neat manner. As this room is also a place for creative work therefore by keeping it clear you would be able to keep away the negative energy. The second most important aspect which should be kept in mind while planning out your study is the placement of the study table.

It is based on this study table’s location that other necessary things should be accordingly arranged. The study desk should be placed towards the right of the window and in case there in no window in the room then a mirror can also be hanged to the left of the desk. In order to avoid causing any disturbance in your child’s studies it is important to place the desk in such a location so that your child’s back does not face the door. Apart from the study table the chair should also be comfortable to sit on for prolonged hours and have a high back. It is advisable to place a picture of water behind the chair to ensure the flow of creative energy. Feng Shui for study table is an essential element as it helps your child to deliver better result. No sharp objects should be directed towards the chair where your kid sits as it can create a negative chi.

The chair and table should be durable enough and made using quality material. It is also advisable to place a crystal sphere in the main window of the study room. Feng Shui study room tips ensure that the study table is not placed in front of the window as it can affect the concentration. The toilet, storeroom and kitchen should not be on the northeast sector of the house. However if they are in the northeast direction then you can hang a 6 metal rod wind chime to exhaust the earth energy.