MHADA Act 1976

MHADA Act 1976 has been instrumental in the formation of MHADA- Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority. The MHADA Act 1976 primarily was the result of the Housing issues that had began to resurface in an urban situation as in Mumbai that was quintessentially gripped with migration, commercial activities and scant Housing resources. However, it has to be understood that prior to 1976, almost 4 statutory bodies and organizations were operational namely the Maharashtra Housing Board ,the Vidarbha Housing Board ,the Mumbai Building Repair and Reconstruction Board ,the Maharashtra Slum Improvement Board, that undertook Housing Scheme ,Slum Improvement, Planning and urban Development. However, as these issues are strongly related to one another, eventually the need for consolidated efforts in these directions was strongly felt.

MHADA Act 1976 made the amalgamation of the above mentioned statutory agencies into a single body to manage the Housing, restructuring and develop scheme and solutions to issues like pollution, ecology, over-crowding etc. Under the MHADA Act 1976, MHADA is divided into Mumbai Repairs and Reconstruction Board, Mumbai Slum Improvement Board and Regional Boards that cater to the areas like Nasik, Pune ,Aurangabad, Konkan, Nagpur etc. Thus, MHADA was formed in 1977 under the Act of 1976. offers the link so that more information can be gathered regarding MHADA Act 1976.


MHADA: Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority
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