MHADA Properties

MHADA Properties have eased out the pressure on the real estate in Mumbai and other districts in Maharashtra. MHADA was constituted in 1977 by an amalgamation of the erstwhile agencies like The Maharashtra Housing Board, The Vidarbha Housing Board, The Mumbai Building Repair and Reconstruction Board, The Maharashtra Slum Improvement Board.In order to provide fair housing in Mumbai, MHADA has been acquiring land from private owners and constructing buildings.

Thus, MIG Flats and LIG Flats in Mumbai have been constructed on these MHADA Properties.Considering the demand on Mumbai Properties, MHADA has done a commendable job of providing affordable housing to the economically weaker sections in Mumbai.

MHADA Properties have been developed in other districts of Maharashtra like Kolhapur, Sangli, Karad, Miraj etc. In fact, the regional MHADA Pune has been actively engaged in slum development and rehabilitation by acquiring the land and then developing it into decent housing with amenities like water supply, electricity, community development projects.

However, when one understands the dynamics of housing statistics in Mumbai, MHADA has been able to cater to 20% of the housing demands. With staggering demand of housing growing at an unprecedented pace MHADA has been facing an acute paucity of land, as the pressure on MHADA Properties has increased manifold.

Until now, approximately 35,000 housing units have been undertaken by MHADA in Mumbai, and now MHADA may have to consider the saltpans in Mulund to rehabilitate the slum dwellers to meet the growing housing demand.

MHADA has been thinking of using the saltpan area in Mulund and Vikhroli to accommodate the slum dwellers and use that slum land for other projects. Considering the MHADA Property situation, MHADA is in search of land for housing projects in Majaswadi, Chandivali, Oshiwara and Powai. MHADA has always initiated new ways to achieve the goals of affordable housing in Mumbai and Maharashtra and hence worked out ways like roping in private builders to undertake some construction. Similarly, understanding the importance f environmental compulsions, MHADA has made consistent efforts to comply with the environmental standards too. Thus, MHADA has kept its promise of making decent housing possible impartially to the economically weaker sections in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

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