MHADA Flats in Bandra

Bandra has been one of the prime locations in Mumbai that have commanded unprecedented property prices owing to its connectivity to south Mumbai and the north eastern suburbs. (MHADA)Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority has its elaborate headquarters situated in Bandra East and has been providing flats to the residents of Maharashtra and Mumbai since 1977. Mhada Flats in Bandra are in great demand as the real estate market in Mumbai places a lot of significance on them . Bandra can be termed as the glamour capital of Mumbai with film stars and prominent personalities staying in Bandra and nearby areas like Juhu, Versova, and thus making the lifestyle of this western suburb very opulent. However, we find many MHADA LIG and MHADA MIG Flats in Bandra, meant for low-income group and middle-income group respectively. MHADA has always catered the housing needs of that section in Maharashtra and Mumbai who had remain neglected by the private builders because of the sky rocketing prices.

MHADA has not restricted itself by catering the housing demands of specific income groups, but has always acted according to the winds of change.

For instance, MHADA had leased land for almost 16 buildings in Gandhi Nagar comprising 168 flats catering to the MIG that will be soon redeveloped considering the present demand with an increased Floor Space Index (FSI) of 2.4. Similarly, MIG buildings of Tata Colony and Nirmal Nagar in Bandra will be redeveloped to incorporate the state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, we find reconstruction happening in MHADA colonies near Bandra-Kurla Complex to give them a new look.

MHADA has announced an ambitious project to provide high-end flats and housing for the opulent strata in Versova and nearby localities like Bandra. To get more details on the projects to be undertaken by MHADA, one can visit MHADA Website as it offers the most updated list of the activities of MHADA in Bandra.

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