MHADA has been a prime Housing Authority to provide housing in Maharashtra and Mumbai in particularly. MHADA was formed in 1977 to tackle the growing pressures on housing resources in Mumbai. Thanks to the strategic vision of MHADA, we have LIG, MIG Flats in a plush locality like Bandra, Andheri and Ghatkopar at absolutely affordable prices. The MHADA flat rates were pre-decided to cater to the mass middle and lower income groups in Mumbai.In fact, MHADA has adored various housing plans and housing strategies in Mumbai, firstly to be in par with the growing real estate and the market of Mumbai Properties Given the exorbitant price commanded by flats in Mumbai and thus making it beyond a common person's reach, MHADA Flats have been a boon for low-income group and middle-income group with MHADA flat rates accessible to most. At times, the state government of Maharashtra has proposed to seek the professional services of private housing companies and private builders so that the work can be expedited.

In spite of the extensive provision of houses and MHADA flats being made available in Mumbai and other districts in Maharashtra, real estate experts mark that, as far as, Mumbai is concerned, and MHADA has been able to meet just 10-20 percent of the housing demand.

MHADA functions either by undertaking development of properties either by itself or by roping private builders so that no compromise takes place in the execution of the project owing to paucity of funds. Some MIG Flats in Bandra are being redeveloped with increase Floor Space Index and increased area. Similarly, MHADA has taken policy initiatives to improve the conditions of some old LIG Flats in Andheri, Ghatkopar, and Bandra. MHADA has conventionally made MIG Flats and LIG Flats available.

However, with the changing times, MHADA has announced its most ambitious project to construct high-end apartments for the high-income group in Versova and provide housing facility with the best amenities like clubs, swimming pool, recreation centers, so to complement the affluent class of Versova, Bandra and Andheri. MHADA has thus entered into making homes for all the income group residents.

Today, MHADA has been responsible for making affordable homes for which housing was a major hurdle. MHADA MIG and MHADA LIG flats have incorporated the latest facility and denoted decent living conditions. To know more about applying for MHADA Flats ,MHADA flat rates, upcoming projects and new schemes, the official MHADA website can be accessed.


Maharashtra Housing and Areas Development Authority,MHADA

Griha Nirman Bhavan,

Bandra (E),

Mumbai - 51

Tel :( 91-22) 6428331-5/6426411-15

Fax :( 91-22) 6402058
Email: [email protected]


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