Owning a house in one of the top IT cities of Bangalore seems to be far from our reach. But getting an affordable housing in Bangalore, now Bengaluru has actually been made possible by many of the upcoming builders. They identify the needs of all the income groups and thus offer a low cost home in areas possible. Posh localities of Bangalore include Brigade Road, Commercial Street, MG Road, White Field, Sadashivnagar, Maleshwaram and so on. Definitly, owning a house in these places is not every one’s cup of tea. Therefore, the builders try to extend locations of low cost housing to areas a little away from the main city. The builder keeps in mind that a propspective buyer does not sway completely in to the outskirts leaving behind the entire city.

Low budget homes in Bangalore starts from 25 lakhs and goes on upto 45 lakhs or so. The electronic city has seen a huge growth in the IT sector which leads many people from different parts of the country to lead a future there. Young IT professionals enter this piece of land with a lot of excitement and planning of settling down there itself.

Some of the builders who give out low cost flats/apartments/houses in Bangalore are as follows:

  • https://www.nambiarbuilders.com/
  • https://www.dayamkhomes.com/
  • https://www.vakilhousing.com/

Details about affordable housing in bangalore, low cost flats, low budget apartments or affordable houses and their areas can be found on their links. The builder can also be contacted on the contact number given in the links above. You can also get an overview of the existing constructions on their site.