One of the main reasons behind the increasing demand for affordable housing in Hyderabad has been the burgeoning growth in its IT sector and a systematic development of special business zones. There has been a considerable shift of professional population from various parts of the country to the city which has necessitated the availability of conducive living or residential accommodations for the people. Many have also felt that the initial price ranges were extremely high and way beyond the budgets of younger generations of homeowners. This was taken seriously by the real estate developmental sector and addressed with immediate effect.

As part of the upcoming efforts to provide comfortable and low cost housing for the growing number of professional buyers in Hyderabad, real estate companies are making changes in their operations. It is widely understood that there is a need for such accommodations that will be both affordable as well as comfortable living arrangements in keeping with modern and urban requirements. There is a no compromise on quality policy that has been adopted as prices have been strictly kept within the Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs range for greater acceptance among the IT professionals and others. Some of the luxury accommodations have also reached the Rs. 40 lakhs mark.

Besides the affordable housing project of Janapriya Engineers in Hyderabad, Mahindra group as well as K Raheja Corporation have also announced that they would be launching new projects in this segment.

The one distinguishing aspect of affordable housing projects in Hyderabad was the availability of options. There are landed plots available as well as ready to avail apartments and high-rise buildings. One could make a choice for living within the city and yet with a soothing touch of natural ambience and greenery. For most of the ongoing modern projects there are extremely well balanced designs of buildings created with manicured lawns in addition to landscaped gardens complemented beautifully with children’s playgrounds and joggers parks for the adults. For most projects that have been launched by some of the well-known companies here in the city is marked with state of art planning and modern expertise in construction technology. Well planned interiors along with modern fittings and beautifying elements have been incorporated to ensure high standards of lifestyle even when the prices have been kept at considerable checks. Some of the city is well known real estate developers have come up with exceedingly buyer friendly futuristic accommodation facilities; these companies have been able to retain the faith of their clients with their expertise in the field of construction.

There have been several new concepts that have been introduced for the first time in this city even with options of affordable housing in Hyderabad. Professionals and high placed executives working here for some of the top of the line companies and multinational organizations in the world are given high class secure residential options. There are high-rise apartments as well as landed plots available for free standing individual houses within gated communities.