Every individual wants to feel secured and hence the need for shelter is a basic necessity. However it is not possible for the economically weaker sections of the society to afford a dream home and hence there are several plans and projects under which everyone can easily own a home in order to enjoy a comfortable life.

Low income housing really proves to be a dream come true for individuals who so not have sufficient wealth to buy a house. These houses are designed keeping in mind every basic necessity and hence serve to be ideal for individuals with fairly low income. The costs on food, non food essentials and house rent forms a major portion of the income thereby making it difficult for the lower income individuals to own a home of their own. Though the Indian government has taken a number of initiatives for developing such houses in the rural areas but the need for urban life is posing great challenges. The lack of availability of urban land, rising threshold cost of construction and lack of access to home finance are some of the major reasons which have prevented the development of shelters for lower income groups.

National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, Interest Subsidy Schemes for Housing the Urban Poor, Rajiv Awas Yojana are some of the initiatives taken by the government for the construction of houses for poor. The various factors considered for the affordable housing are minimum volume of habitation, provision of basic amenities, cost of the house, and location of the house. These housing programs also depend upon the monthly income of perspective buyers also. LIG, MIG and HIG houses are being constructed to meet the needs of such families which have a low income. It is definitely not possible for every individual to invest a huge amount in buying a house and hence these affordable houses not only provide you with a shelter but also ensure that you get complete peace of mind.

These houses are constructed keeping in mind all the necessities of water, drainage and proper toilets so that the hygiene level can be maintained. Owning a house is the right of every individual and therefore there are a number of housing policies which make it possible for you to realize your dream abode. However the concept of affordability might vary from family to family or state to state but the need remains the same. If you are planning to buy a new home but do not have enough income to accomplish your dreams then definitely the government schemes for affordable home ownership can assist you in your endeavors.