Home is where the heart is and owning a house is a basic human right. It is not only a luxury but also a necessity. Affordable housing policy has recognized the need of owning a house and thus has formulated this policy. According to this policy, all the builders should cater to all the needs of a community.

A variety of affordable housing policies make considerate planning on the housing sector. Such policies should keep in mind the local plans, local needs and should include a policy that supports affordable housing. There are many successful builders who keep in mind the different key points of this policy and act accordingly.

Affordable homes or affordable housing is set to encompass the low budget houses by providing flats and apartments at a low cost. The builder should also keep in mind that though flat is being made available at a comparitive lesser price, it should not lack in quality.

Other facilities like parking, parks for children, gardens for old age people etc should also be tried and included in the budget, though it is not mandatory. This again depends on the cost the customer is willing to pay. Affordable housing can also be called as value housing which is the most important need of India.

Construction of flats in far flung places serves no purpose at all, as this would lack connectivity with the outside world. If the land seems to be promising enough and if the builder feels that this barren piece of land will be well connected to the main city, then he can carry on with the construction work there. Land cost must be comparitively low for the builder to start construction immediately. This policy also focuses on the areas, where the flats are getting constructed. Thus, it acts as an advisor to the builders and helps them in giving an insight in to the minds of the customers which in return increases sales.