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Vastu Shastra Architecture

Vastu Shastra architecture plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall health, wellness and prosperity of the inmates of a house. This ancient science also plays a significant role in promoting peace and happiness in a family. Now you may think what’s so special about this science that can achieve such remarkable results mostly desired by the common people? The point is that Vastu architecture methodologies were devised by the ancient sages of the Vedic period. The science of Vastu is based upon the principle that positioning of your home and the remaining things inside your home in specific directions can bring harmony in your family life. The same principle holds in case of your professional life or business.

Vastu Shastra architecture is no ordinary science. This science was well thought upon by the ancient sages after a lot of contemplation, practice, meditation and study. A very firm discipline of the sages ultimately led to this marvelous science of architecture that has gained universal recognition. Hence, you can consider Vastu architecture principles to be purely scientific and based on sound logic..

Take for example Japan, a well-known East-Asian country. Japan is a highly prosperous country and its prosperity is chiefly attributed to its location in the extreme eastern corner of the world.

Japan has the advantage that its position in the east is the primary cause for receiving the maximum amount of sun rays. Consequently, this turns out to be favorable for increasing the wealth and achieving remarkable success in almost every endeavor. However, the southern side of this country has sea which is the abode of fire. That’s why; Japan has been subjected to atomic bomb attacks and frequent earthquakes.

America (USA) is another remarkable example. As per the laws of Vastu, America is located more towards the east rather than west. The north-eastern extensions of this country are an auspicious indicator for more and more riches.

The city of London serves to be an ideal example of right placement as per the rules of Vastu. The north-eastern corner has several renowned educational institutions. Also, the boundary of UK is attached towards northern and eastern directions for getting maximum sun light.

Finally, Mumbai is popular for being the financial capital of India with ocean located westwards. This helps in augmenting the trade and commerce.

Thus, utilizing Vastu techniques in the right way you too can change your luck.