Before going into the details for applying Vastu Shastra for home, it is good to be aware of the basics of Vastu Shastra. Vastu is basically the Vedic study of directions and architectural setup of houses/buildings. The directional nitty-gritty is taken into account in this traditional science from Ancient India. It is applicable in every possible place say for example house, office, temple, factory, industrial location, garden, etc. Vastu is a highly scientific and practical concept which any person can practice in order to enjoy considerable joy, peace and riches. The idea is to draw the maximum possible amount of favorable and positive energy in one’s home and surroundings. Doing so greatly helps you to improve your health and increase your happiness & wealth. It will also enable you in avoiding diseases and averting disasters caused by the presence of negative energy in your environment.Now, the following points will help you properly apply Vastu Shastra and enjoy the resulting benefits:

  1. Vastu for your worshipping/puja room: You should make it a point to position your puja room in the east, north or north-east corner of your house. Never construct your puja room adjacent to the kitchen or toilet, neither is it proper on your part to make your puja room in your bedroom. Keep all the puja related items in the south-east corner of your puja room. Make sure your puja room is always situated at the ground floor and not in any other place apart from that..
  2. Vastu for bathroom: Never construct toilets in the following directions of your house viz. center, east and north-east. Showers and taps should be fitted to the north. Flush toilet should be placed in the northwest or west. Place your switchboard and geyser in the southeast. Above all, avoid placing bathrooms in the east or northeast. The correct direction for bathroom is always the north or northwest side of your house.
  3. Vastu for kitchen: As per Vastu principles, you should construct your kitchen in the northwest or southeast corner of your home. Most importantly, one should always face east while cooking food. The northeast corner is appropriate for fixing kitchen sinks or taps and should be close to the gas cylinder since fire and water both reflect one another.
  4. Vastu for locker room: Vastu Shastra for house in case of locker room requires giving utmost importance to the right location of locker. The directions of the following things should be taken into account namely, entrance, almirah and windows. For attracting riches, you should place your valuables in the southwest corner.Do not keep the height of your locker room less than that of other rooms of your house. Paint the walls and floor of your locker room with yellow color. Your locker room should not be located towards the corner of your house. The locker room should always be kept clean and tidy.For doubling the opportunity to gain wealth, it is a wise idea to hang a mirror for reflecting the locker. This aptly describes applying Vastu Shastra for house in case of locker room.
  5. Vastu Shastra for study room: Your study room should be placed in such a way that it is in the west and you have an entrance at the north. The north and the east are the best directions to face while working or studying.


This is how you can apply Vastu for house. It gives the opportunity to make fullest use of the divine energy and thereby making your life successful. It has the scope to bring peace and tranquility in everybody’s life. Thus, if you have been casual in the proper structuring of your house and have been subjected to unnecessary worries then now is the opportune moment to make use of Vastu and rectify your mistakes.