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Vastu Shastra Principles and Design Books

Vastu means the corporal environment and Shastra means the awareness. Vastu is nothing but a science which is complete in itself. Vastu is in no way associated to performing the rituals before buying or renovating dwelling or something like that. It is a science which assist people in getting rid of imperfections which cannot be uninvolved by astrology, rituals or similar to that. Being is an ancient science of directions; it helps in building up concord with the basic five elements of cosmos. It helps to increase the constructive energies by reducing the off-putting energies. A constructive influence of a cumulative result of energies is thus increases. The same is felt by the people in the structure where the principles of this science are applied.

It is believed that the science of directions is in relation to the stars or other heavenly bodies which have their great influence on human life. The classification of Vastu Direction begins with the four basic directions namely East, West, North and South and off course the corners between each of the two directions which are infusing energy from both the directions known as South East, South West, North East and North West. As per Hindu Mythology, all of these directions are in association with the planets and a divine power.

It is fact that the architecture of ancient India mostly based on astrology and Vastu Shastra and the legacy was unrelenting in the basic location planning and construction of all Indian temples as well. The Vastu and Feng Shui (a counterpart of Chinese Vastu Shastra) have also gained a worldwide popularity even in today’s world. You may find many e-books on Vastu Shastra principles which can guide you and help you to acquire the knowledge of basics of Vastu principles with some effective guidelines in order to bring prosperity into your livelihood.

Vastu for House

In this day and age, people mostly prefer to build house as per the Vastu Shastra principles. As they have understood the fact that by obeying all these principles they would be benefitted a lot. These Vastu Norms bring a significant equilibrium amidst assorted with the atmospheric normal energies which include the solar energy, lunar energy, cosmic energy and many more. A vigilantly planned home based on vastu norms brings happiness, peace and success to the life of those residents living in that home.

The Vastu books are mainly about the basics of Vastu principles and Vastu Remedies The Vastu Design books explain about the five rudiments of nature and each of them are known as Panchbhootas. The five elements are Earth which is also known as Prithvi, Water means Jal, Fire, known as Agni, Space is Aakash and Vayu is nothing but the Air.

The basic of Vastu begin with assortment of a plot for construction, whatever may be the purpose is, residential or commercial. As per vastu norms a plot of rectangular or square might be beneficial whereas a triangular plot will be unfavorable. It would be most preferable if the plot is in the in east to west course. It is strictly recommended by all books that, if possible, then please leave maximum spaces in the east and north directions and place the trees strictly in the west direction. Apart from these, Vastu Ganesha is another one – an idol of God Ganesha with its trunk left in position and according to Vastu Shastra, this is considered as an effectual shield from any kind of Vastu Dosha.

These are also certain objects like mirror or any objects of pyramidal shape and many more which should have special positioning in your home like as, the mirrors are not at all recommended in kitchens. The vastu design books also provide color charts telling about each of the directions and thereby symptomatic of the maximum power permeating colors to be placed in the right directions. A study of the vastu norms and the different aspects namely Vastu Mandala, Vastu Dosha and the remedies of all these dosha, etc are very important as this will enables you to entail the essence of Vastu very effectively such that you can be better off in every step of life.

Vastu Mandala is a book, where you can found the site plan for a plot associated with Vastu diagram or design chart. With the help of these diagrams you can get precise demarcations of the Vastu Mandala. All these diagrams also facilitate the Vaastu consultants to give you a clear design and architecture for your site and also the remedies if required, as in case any kind of Dosha is prevailing in the directions of the intrigue.