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Vastu Shastra Directions

Since the beginning of civilization, humankind has been fascinated by the mysteries surrounding study directions, particularly the positioning of various heavenly bodies and the stars or their cluster. It believed by all rational individuals that directions have a sound and constant influence on human life. Interestingly, this fact is more pronounced in the ancient Indian science that we call Vastu. That's why, in this sense Vastu directions are also supposed to influence our lives in one way or the other. It has been believed by our ancestors since times immemorial that the inhabitants of a house are bound to prosper if they make proper use of an imaginary line spanning the center of their house from east to west. We all know that the equator of the earth is an imaginary line, divides the earth into two equal halves.

Vastu shastra directions for house

Likewise, the imaginary line in case of a house plays the same role. Hence, you can consider this line to be the backbone of your house. That’s why you should lay utmost emphasis in utilizing this central line of your house to the best of your ability. Otherwise, you and your family will have to face the adverse effects of not doing so. As a result, your health may be effected and your financial position may be affected. Also, since this imaginary line forms the backbone of your house, therefore ignoring this important aspect of may cause problems to your backbone if you are the owner. For this reason, it is your prime duty to make the best possible use of the backbone of your house.

In Sanskrit, there is a term called ‘Ishan’. Basically, it indicates the direction of north-east. This direction is an important one from the point of Vastu because if the Sun illumines this portion of your house then the Almighty Lord will bestow His extensive grace upon you and your family. In the Sanskrit dictionary there is an account of the directions of the planets which you can refer to. Following is a brief specification about that:-

  • Sun pertains to East

  • Moon pertains to North-West

  • Mars pertains to South

  • Mercury pertains to North-East

  • Jupiter pertains to North

  • Venus pertains to South-East

  • Saturn pertains to West

Vastu Shastra Directions Entrance

As per principles of Vastu shastra, the nature of the home owner is significantly affected by the direction in which the house is facing towards. Fundamental cause of this phenomenon is the influence of the given planet which rules over that direction. For example, if your house is North facing then you and your family will be considerably affected by Jupiter. The following directions as per Vastu Shastra will drive home the point effectively:

  • If the entrance of your house is East-facing then you will be a truth abiding person and at the same time, the Sun will make you brave and determined.

  • A South-East facing entrance will be under the influence of the planet Venus. Consequently, it will make you a pleasure seeking person who likes to lead a luxurious life.

  • South-facing entrance of a house will come under the rule of Mars that will make you a dare-devil individual but at the same time you will be quite arrogant. You will also develop an inclination towards spicy food items.

  • If your entrance is West-facing then you will be under the control of Saturn. As a person, you will be quite responsible, tolerant and disciplined.

  • If the house is having a North-West facing entrance, then the inhabitant will be under Moon’s control and will be a sentimental person having frequent mood swings.

  • The house that is North-facing will be governed by Jupiter. The native of the house will be learned, wise and religiously inclined.

  • If your entrance faces North-East, you will be under Mercury’s control. It will make you an intelligent, jolly, active and optimum person.

Thus, from the above points you must have come to know about the importance of Vastu. So henceforth, plan accordingly.