Vastu Shastra Dosha

Vastu is all about creating positive vibes in your dwelling place. This will have a far reaching effect in your life as well. To someone who has a spiritual inclination and wants to feel the good vibes, then vastu is just the right thing to practice. Vastu is an ancient system that originated in India long time back. It focuses on how to construct a house or a building that resonates with positive energies and vibes. In fact, it can be considered as a science that guides people to construct rooms, passages, doorways etc in accordance with principles that ensure a cordial atmosphere in harmony with nature. It leads to all round development of people living in the house. When this science is not followed properly then the dwelling place is said to be suffering from vastu shastra dosh or vastu side effects.

So what causes of it and what is vastu dosh nivaran? Well, firstly you have the liberty to build your house in any direction. However, while making the rooms within the house you have to follow appropriate directions. The most important directions in this aspect as per vastu are northeast and southwest corners. It is through the northeast that good luck comes in. On the other hand, the southwest acts as a obstruction to this good luck. If the northeast forces within your house are weak then you have a problem that is called vastu dosh. Generally, building imperfections in the northeast and southwest directions results in these defects.

Vastu Shastra Dosh Nivaran

To get relief from such defects a lot of people seek nivaran tips. These are techniques that help people to neutralize negative vastu effects. If there are defects in the northeast direction then it can lead to unfavorable consequences that will cause untold sufferings to the inhabitants. Similarly, defects in the southwest directions too bring in negative energy into the house. You and your family members will face lot of obstacles in every aspect of your life.

If you are experiencing bad effects of vastu then you can nullify those through vastu shastra dosh nivaran. There is no need to perform any rituals to overcome those effects. These tips are actually tools that will assist you to remove the bad effects of vastu. However, it is advisable to use those tools under the supervision of a vastu expert. The purpose of these tools is to boost positive energies and block negative energies.

Some important tools are camphor crystal, mirrors, sea salt, copper plates, wind chimes, colours and charged crystal balls etc. A majority of these tools are used to absorb or balance stagnant or negative energies, enhance good luck and create an atmosphere of peace and prosperity.

Vastu Dosh Remedies

Though vastu dosh nivaran tips can work for you, yet it would be better take the advice of a vastu expert to guide you properly. He can enlighten you about how to make vastu work to your advantage and well-being. A lot of people who are enamoured with technological advancements may tend to ignore vastu.But we live in a universe where we experience all kinds of energies and vastu is all about harnessing these to your maximum benefit.

When it comes to your well-being, it is you who has to take a decision. The good thing is that with vastu you can achieve that quite easily. Everybody seeks a fulfilling life. If your house suffers from wrong orientation then you will not feel happy and this feeling will torment you. Nobody wants to get connected with wrong energies. So if you are experiencing the effects of vastu dosh then step out and get in touch with a vastu expert. Let good things happen to you. After all, you owe yourself a better life.

The rays of negative energies can harm your prospects therefore, you need to develop healing powers. Through vastu dosh nivaran you can achieve those powers and thus create a holistic atmosphere within your dwelling place. Follow vastu dosh nivaran tips and you will soon experience the impact.