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Vastu Shastra For Office

Vastu Shastra should be followed in every sphere of life. It brings joy and happiness. If followed perfectly it can also bring Laksmi the goddess of wealth right to your doorsteps. That is why it becomes even more necessary to follow its principals when you are about to build your new office for any business related projects. The office is a place where you work. Hence, it is very important you do not do anything that will affect the profitability of your business. Implementation of the principals of Vastu Shastra has been noticed as a growing trend amongst architects who design modern offices. If you follow the basic guidelines, you will find that there is a lot of positive energy, which will help your business to grow. Let us now look at the basic guidelines of Vastu Shastra for office.

Vastu Tips for Office

The treasury or safe is where the cash of the office is. Hence, it deserves a bit of special care and attention. It even faces the risk of being targeted by robbers and thieves. Therefore, please do adhere to Vastu Shastra guidelines here. Ideally, it should be situated facing the northern side of the office. So make it sure that it is indeed kept with its face facing the north. An office has many files, which are stacked away in almiras or racks. You should make sure that under no circumstances anything heavy such as racks or almiras are facing the north. According to Vastu principals, it is a bad omen.

The boss of the office is someone who runs the show. The success of the office depends upon him. Therefore, care should be taken about his seat in the office. Vastu says that his table facing the entrance door. On his back must be a picture of a mountain. The entrance of the office should not face any blank wall. This is very important because as a visitor if you face a beautiful colored wall it naturally livens up his spirits. Besides there is always a positive flow of energy if everything around you is colorful.

Vastu For Office

The finance of any office is the ultimatum of any office. Nothing untoward should be done to bring any harm to it. The Vastu Shastra theory tells us that the finances of the office take a beating if there is a tube well or even an underground tank in the southern direction. Therefore, please do make sure that nothing of this sort is there in the southern direction.

A picture of any god or goddess, which you may believe must be there, hung in the office premises. This is bound to increase your financial gains. Growth is essential for any business to survive. Vastu Shastra principals have shown us the way here also. It mentions that one aquarium with nine gold and one black fish in it should be placed in the northeast corner of the office. It is bound to bring growth in the business.

Strange as it may seem so but this is Vastu Shastra. Modern day science will not be able to explain it. However, generations have tasted success following the principals of Vastu Shastra. It brings luck and wealth to people who have followed them.