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Vastu for Plots

If you are pondering on building a new house then one way to ensure positive energy and happiness is making it as per the rules and standards of Vastu Shastra. This is important for ensuring health, peace, happiness and prosperity for yourself and your family. Vastu is the science of directions and the way these directions influence an individual and his/her dwelling place. Thus, if you are about to choose some plot for this purpose then do follow the rules concerning Vastu for plots. You will be amazed by the results:

  • Make sure there is downward slope in the north and east directions.

  • It is always fortunate to make lakes, rivers, drains, etc towards the north and east directions of your plot.

  • Never choose a plot for your home where there are tall trees and/or constructions in the north and east directions. Because that will block the sun rays and blocking sun rays means blocking the blessings of Sun god.

  • Never go for a plot with big pits or valleys close to it.

  • Then, if there are constructions, tall trees, ridges, hills or mountains on the south and west direction of your plot then you have a reason to smile because all these are quite favorable. When the sun is moving westwards, it emits harmful rays which are prevented by the said structures. Contrarily,, the same structures on the north and east direction are quite unfavorable according to the laws of Vastu for plots.

  • One crucial point for the religious minded. Never opt for a plot where there is a temple and its entrance in front of your home. Why because, the power inherent in the eyes of the temple idol can have a dreadful effect on the structure of your home. Beware. Always go for those plots where no temple is built having its entrance facing your house to be built.

  • Opposite to your plot, the following shops are prohibited namely laundry shop, cobbler’s shop, blacksmith’s shop, illicit shops where men or women work and meat shop.

  • In your chosen plot, no workshops should be there where there are mechanically revolving wheels, shops where scissors and knives are sharpened or a huge pot of garbage in front of your plot of land. Always purchase such plots where the above mentioned workshops and garbage pots are removed beforehand.

  • No dead ends in the vicinity of your building.

  • Having water-tanks installed in the northeast direction of your plot is quite good. But if the water-tanks are in the southeast direction of your plot, adverse effects are bound to make their presence felt.

  • Also, there should not be any medium producing harsh sounds nearby your house since the sound waves may adversely affect your house structure. Southeastern direction is quite auspicious for planting an electric powerhouse. But the northern side is very unfavorable for the same.

Follow these pieces of advice to the letter and you will never regret your decision of applying the laws concerning Vastu for plots. In the long run you are bound to enjoy the corresponding benefits as a result of your wise decision. Vastu Shastra is an authentic science that hardly fails in making its mark. Its ultimate goal is to bring harmony in your life by bringing you and your surroundings in tune with the laws of nature. This concept of Vastu is highly scientific and there is no room for superstition. Any sensible person can easily apply these principles and give a new direction to his/her uneventful life. Consequently, there will be as much happiness as possible in his/her life. The same prosperity you will be able to share with your near and dear ones.

There is no other science that can match Vastu because it is so efficient. Moreover, ancient Indian sciences always used to be an authority. Therefore, you can very much rely on this science and get divine blessings which you need to cooperate with the plans of the Almighty. If you are convinced by now, then as a first step consult an expert in this field and proceed accordingly. Wish you all the best.