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Vastu Shastra For Puja Room

The puja room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is the room where you have kept the almighty in your house. Many a time when you find yourself helpless it is the almighty to whom you turn for a solution. Thus if you want the almighty to bless you properly you should follow certain Vastu Shastra principles that have been followed since the olden days. Now the first and foremost thing, which you should do while construction of the house is to ensure that the puja room is situated in the north, east, or the northeast portion of your house.

As per vastu shastra for puja room, the prayer room is situated in such a direction that it is concerned with the flow of energy and the effects of it can be felt on all members of that particular household. However, the puja room under no circumstances be placed next to the bedroom. Nor can it be in the basement of your house. The bathroom should not share a common wall with the puja room. Now we must look at the finer details of the puja room. The idol or deity, which is to be worshipped, should be kept in the northeast portion of the puja room. Care should be taken to see that garlands or flowers do not cover the face of the idol. Now if there are two idols you must make sure that they do not face each other.

The lamp or the diyas, which are to be lightened, should be placed in front of the idol. However, a word of caution, you should make sure that no broken idol or torn photograph is there in the puja room.

The puja samigri or the materials, which are used for the puja, should be kept neatly in the southeast corner of the puja room. The place for puja is a wholly place and we are worshipping the almighty. However if due to any circumstances any idol is removed from the puja room for any unknown reason it should not be kept within your house. You should try to immerse it in the river. Try to do it in the holy river Ganges if possible.

Vastu Shastra advices you against keeping any heavy idols, or figures in the puja room. Coloring to is an important factor as it helps to make the area look beautiful. The coloring according to Vastu Shastra should be white, light yellow, or at the most can be light blue. The floor should have light yellow and bits of white marble work. Now if your house does not have the space for a separate puja and your puja place is adjusted with some other room such as the kitchen you should make sure that the puja room is in the northeast.

Vastu For Puja Room

You should treat the puja room as nothing but a Vastu puja room. Do not make the mistake to double it up as a store. You should also try not to keep your ancestors photo in the puja room. Anything but the presence of idols and deity in the room is bound to have a negative impact. Therefore, please be very careful.