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Vastu Shastra For Staircase

Vastu Shastra is an important aspect for each of us. This is a tradition, which has been going on for generations. Many a time you feel you are putting 100% into something, yet you are not getting the desired results. Unbelievable as you may feel so Vastu Shastra may have something to do here. It is something which modern science will perhaps fail to understand. Thus when you are going to build your house it is very much important you pay importance to Vastu Shastra and follow its sayings in each aspect.

Staircase as per Vastu

The staircase of your house is an important place. Here there is every chance that a major mishap can occur. Thus, the theories of the Vastu Shastra should be followed to prevent it. Besides, if you do follow the theories of the Vastu Shastra it brings happiness and prosperity to the inhabitants of the house. Let us now have a look at what does the vastu shastra says about the staircase of the house.

The stairs should first be built in the south or the southwest corner of the house. The steps in the staircase should climb up from the east to west or from the north to the south. One fine point which you should take note of is that the number of steps should count upto an odd number.

Car should be taken to see that each of the landings and turnings are in a clockwise direction. These small things do prevent the odd mishap and bring happiness and glory to society. If you read anything about Vastu Shastra principals, you will see that a lot of stress has been put on the staircase of the house. As mentioned earlier we all know that a fall from the staircase can spell danger for many people. Especially the older people need to be careful as they might end up breaking the odd bone or two. Therefore, even when you are climbing the staircase you need to follow certain guidelines. Let us have a look at those guidelines of vastu shastra for staircase.

Vastu For Stair Case

The first basic principal, which should be, followed that if you want to climb the stairs you should be facing west or south and you should be climbing in a northeast vastu staircase direction.

This is something, which is considered auspicious. Like it or not this is something which has been going on for generations. You must plan the turnings of the staircase in a professional manner so that they do not deviate from the guidelines that are mentioned in vastu shastra principals. However you should be vary careful to see that there are doors kept at the beginning and the end of the staircase. This is also very auspicious. These stairs at any stage should not touch the northern or the eastern walls. This is a bad omen and is a deviation from the Vastu Shastra principals.

If you do want to lead a happy and prosperous life these are certain basic things which you need to look after. The staircase in your house must be built according to the vastu principals. Wealth and prosperity will be always with you if you follow these guidelines.