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Vastu Shastra for Study Room

Are your children not able to concentrate on their studies? In spite of working hard are they not scoring well? Is your child losing the motivation to study? If these are your primary concerns then there is definitely some problem with your child’s study room. Study room vastu plays a significant role as it enhances the concentration of your child and boosts their stamina to perform well academically. As this room is also considered as a room for creativity therefore proper care should be taken to place everything in the room according to the directions so that both peace and knowledge could be attained. It is extremely necessary that you pay proper care and attention to your kid’s study room so that they can attain success in whatever they do. Northeast, east or west side of the house prove to be a good place for setting up study room as they are the source of positive energy. Not only the room but everything that is placed in the room greatly affects your child concentration and willingness to learn. The study table should therefore be placed in the east or north directions so that least disturbance is caused while your child is studying. A dark room is not a good place for studying as it might affect the health of your child hence ensures that the study room is properly lit. Having toilets in the study attract negative energy therefore they should be avoided in the study area.

In order to improve the concentration the study table should also be in accordance with the vastu. The study table vastu is not rectangular or square in shape and shouldn’t be kept close to the wall at any point of time. A study table which is clean and clutter free also makes you feel more interested in studies and motivates you to study for prolonged hours. If you are concerned about the placement of bookshelves then you can easily keep them in the north, east and northeast directions and not above the study table. If the study has windows then they should be larger on the eastern side as compared to the western. The color scheme of the room also plays a vital role in your child’s concentration hence soothing colors like green, light green, blue, cream and white should be used for coloring the study.

North or northeast directions prove to be the best place for setting up the doors of the study as they would never make the child feel bored up and even prevent him from any distraction whatsoever. Having a window in front of the study table is also not a good idea as it easily attracts the negative vibes. A pyramid can also be placed on the study desk to improve the memorization abilities of the child so that he can deliver good results. By following these simple tips of vastu shastra for study room,you would really notice a change in your child’s grades and performance.