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Vastu Shastra For Toilet

Vastu Shastra is a unique and ancient science of India that it can be successfully applied to every nook and corner of your home. It can be applied even to your bathroom. Yes, this is also feasible and it is recommended that you do not neglect this aspect of Vastu Shastra. After all, there should be complete order in every respect. Vastu for bathroom is also important like other rooms of your house because bathroom or toilet is the place which we use to refresh ourselves, cleanse our body and flush out our bodily waste. If your toilet is constructed fully keeping in mind the proper directions then all the human bodily waste will be properly removed and they will go down the drain. Otherwise, if waste is not properly removed then they tend to accumulate in some place and start decaying. It is common that decaying waste matter is very much disliked by us. Only microorganisms (say bacteria, virus etc), mosquitoes, flies and swine have thrive on them, not human beings! From this you can conclude that waste matter should never be stored and should be avoided by every civilized person.

If waste matter gets wrongfully stored in any place nearby your toilet then the result will be decay and degeneration in your worldly life.

That’s why sufficient care must be taken regarding the construction of bathrooms in total compliance with Vastu Shastra principles for preventing degeneration of your luck. All things considered, Vastu helps us in remedying the situation or start carefully from the very beginning. Toilet Vastu should be applied as follows: Vastu Shastra for toilet demands that toilets should never be constructed in the middle, northeast and east directions of your home. Taps and showers are always to be fitted in the north. Alternative position of toilets as per vastu can be Northwest and west where you should have your flush toilet fitted. Southeast direction should be used if you want to place your switchboard and mount your geyser. Now, as a whole, the best location for toilets in a house as per vaastu are north or the northwest sides. The north and northwest directions are ideal for this purpose from a scientific point of view i.e. Vastu Shastra for toilet. The said directions will also give you the much needed respite. Also, never position your kitchen above or below your toilet, otherwise chances of food contamination may arise.

Interestingly, you can also use your toilet to bring positive changes in your financial position and prevent your hard earned money from going down the drain. Consequently, you will be able to bring your day to day expenses under control. Now you must be thinking how to achieve this feat. It’s quite simple; just take some time out of your schedule and plant some live grains or plants in your bathroom. Now the logical reason behind this tip is that, symbolically the things that are in a growing phase (plants for example) reabsorb the energy coming from water.

The plant then goes for recycling this water energy and this happens continuously as long as you keep maintaining your plants. Simply put, as water energy is reabsorbed and recycled, likewise your money will keep flowing in and will be stored for future use and it will keep regenerating from over and over again. You might not have come across such a new idea before. So when you have come to know about this fantastic idea then you should definitely implement the same and get back your good days. That was all about Vastu Shastra application in case of toilet. Just imagine when applying Vastu in your toilet can offer you so much then what about your entire house. Surely, the results will multiply and you will be taken by surprise. Your family will also praise you for your presence of mind. Thus, if you have understood the basics then it is recommended to proceed for the appropriate design of your house and avail the corresponding benefits. Just take help of the Internet and approach some good and genuine Vastu consultant and use his/her knowledge to restore your good luck. Alternatively, you can look for offline means as well.