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Vastu Shastra Purusha Mandala

Vastu Purusha Mandala is where the study of Vastu Shastra instigates. It is the central theme of Vaastu. The metaphysical site plan of a building or site incorporating the course of cosmic energies and supernatural powers is called Vastu Purusha Mandala

A legend that goes along with the formation of Vastu Shastra Purusha Mandala reads - A formless being, once blocked heaven from the earth. At that point Lord Brahma along with many other divine Gods trapped him to the ground that id graphically depicted by the Vastu Purush Mandala. The contribution of each God in this incident is depicted through the various proportions of the Mandala allocated to each divine power.

The centre of a Vastu Mandala is the Brahmasthana and the positioning of other Gods is concentric to the Brahmasthana. The eight Vastu Directions correspond to different god. The presiding deity is the Vastu Purusha. He lies face down with head pointing in the North East direction and legs in the south West direction. This position of the Vaastu Purusha changes year round.

The basic shape of a Vastu Mandala is square that is the most sacred according to Hindu mythology. On divisions of the basic square, the various types of Mandalas are specified. These divisions may vary from 1 to 1024 with 1 to 32 sub-squares on each side.The Brahmasthana or the centre of the square has an expanse ranging from 1 square module to 9 square modules depending upon the number of divisions in the Vastu Mandala.

The site planning of any plot is done on the basis of Vastu Mandala through a division of he site into grids with the help of Pada Vinyasa method. The coning of the site is done according to the position of the Gods. On certain vital yet vulnerable energy construction points like Marmas, no construction is recommended.

In Vastu Shastra, you also find the prescribed characteristics that a site for a building should posses based on the flow of energy that would benefit in that particular area of business. To gather more information on Vaastu and get useful Vastu Tips and follow effective Vastu remedies for the particular Vastu Dosha , visit our subsequent pages.