What is Vastu?

Well according to Hindu myths and beliefs, Vastu is the knowledge to maintain certain rules while decorating your homes and surrounding environment for the well-being of living. According to Vastu Shastra, certain rules need to be followed in order to prevent any harm from befalling on the residents living within the house.

There are several things that need to be kept in mind in order to undergo a perfect Vastu arrangement for your house. There are several books on this related subject which can be extremely helpful for the purpose. There are also several Vastu consultant experts available to help you out in the matter.

Today, I shall be discussing about the vastu shastra sleeping directions that need to be followed as per Vastu rules.

Vastu Direction

For the children and students, vastu for sleeping directions state that the head should be placed at the eastern direction. It helps in enhancing the overall health of the person while improving concentration and memory. The students and young people get more devoted towards spiritual inclination and this helps in transforming them into good and responsible human beings in the future.

Sleeping direction according to vastu states that the room of the kinds and children should be planned with such intensity that the sleeping direction lets them to put their head on the eastern side.

The western direction is also not a favorable one. According to the Vastu experts, sleeping with the head resting towards the west may lead to headaches, nightmares, and disruption in sleeping activity. Moreover, the person develops a violent behavioral approach which may be harmful for that person in the recent future.

While the above paragraphs discussed about vastu shastra sleeping directions, there are several other direction traits that need to be followed according to Vastu Shastra. Following and maintaining them in the most appropriate way helps in letting the positive energy flow in the most free and uninterrupted way. This as a result lets prosperity and peace retains within the house and with the residents living in there.

The positions of the house rooms should be such that the cosmic energy can flow with minimum of interruption. Let us have a look at the directions for the building of rooms according to Vastu principles. The southern part of the house should be used to create bedroom. The south eastern part of the house should be used to construct the kitchen place. The south western part of the house is the most ideal to construct a library room or even a study room. The eastern part of the house should be used to construct the bathroom. The north eastern part (preferably corner side) is ideal to construct the puja ceremony room. The western side of the house should be used as a dining space. The home treasury should be kept at the northern side of the house. Therefore, the northern part of the house to should be reserved for that purpose. The north western side of the house (preferably corner location) should be used as the store room place.

According to Vastu Shastra, the directions are defined according to the presence of the God. Separate God is the owner of separate direction. Let us have a look.

The West direction is owned by two Lords namely, Saturn & Varun. The East direction is owned by the Lord Indra. The South is owned by three Lords namely, Pluto, Yama, & Mars. The North is owned by Two Lords namely, Kuber & Mercury. The South East is owned by Lord Agni and Lord Venus while the South West is reserved for Lord Rahu and the Devils. The North East is owned by the Lord Jupitar while the North West is owned by the Lord Vayu.

Vastu Bed Position

The bedroom is the place where people rest and sleep after a day’s work. Therefore this place should be arranged properly according to the rules and principles of Vastu. In a house, there is more than one bedroom situated. Therefore, the major principle bedroom should be constructed at the south western corner in order to enjoy the maximum effect of Vastu. The bedroom of the kids should be placed at the east or northern side of the principle bedroom. The guest bedroom should be situated at the north western corner side of the house. The south western part of the bedrooms should be placed with heavy furniture items like wardrobes and almirahs. While you try to keep a dressing table inside your bedroom, it should be kept in mind that the mirror should not face the bed. Moreover, it should be kept on the eastern or at the northern side of the room. Light blue, green and off white are ideal colors to paint the bedroom.